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Sight Savers America: ACEF Impact Story

January 9, 2015

Timothy is 9 years old and will attend 3rd grade in the fall. Although Timothy is able to identify all of his letters, he is unable to read without assistive device and is struggling in school due to his vision impairments. He was recently diagnosed with Bardet– Biedl syndrome and his visual acuity  is 20/100 in his right eye and 20/200 in his left eye. The central part of his retina is degenerating. Although he wears glasses  to correct the farsightedness, they do not correct the vision impairment. Timothy received an Optelec Multiview EVM for his home on July 23, 2014, thanks to Anniston Community Education Foundation’s generous support during our 2013/2014 program year. Timothy was very excited to receive his new EVM and full of energy during his training. He was eager to show his siblings and mother how to work the EVM once he was trained.  His favorite functions were the green high contrast mode and the distance viewing.  He used his new EVM to look at his building blocks closer and was even able to build a cell phone out of his blocks for his brother with the help of his new EVM. Timothy’s mother his hoping his new EVM will help improve his reading and grades in school.

On behalf  of Sight Savers America and the children that we serve, we thank you for giving the gift of sight to children in Calhoun County!
Story written by: Sight Savers America