We are dedicated to helping youth in the targeted communities of Anniston attend and succeed in the educational arena. The belief that “every child can and will learn with the proper educational resources” is echoed throughout the Foundation’s work. Anniston Community Education Foundation provides programs and services designed to increase academic performance among youth in the community.

ACEF Youth Coalition
The Youth Coalition was founded in 2010 to identify, empower, and mobilize youth from schools in Calhoun County. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors from Anniston, Oxford, Saks, and Wellborn have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, practice effective problem solving, and learn civic responsibility by planning and taking part in volunteer activities. ACEF youth are also offered college tours and special skill-building, career-prep, and college-prep workshops.

Parents as Leaders Program
Our PALs program was created to enrich the lives of children by bridging the gap between home and school. This “parent academy” provides additional educational and community resources to parents of children attending the Norwood, Constantine, Hobson City, and Ayers Head Start centers. This helps to ensure that families receive the resources needed to raise healthy children and encourage lifelong academic success.

Youth-Family Summit
Each summer, ACEF provides a day of fun and education for students in grades 1-6.  Most recently, we have turned our focus to STEM programming (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  Parents are invited to take part in activities with their students, as well as visit booths and classes (such as healthcare and financial literacy) provided by our partnering organizations.  Free lunch and school supplies are provided to the attendees.

Past Programs
The Calhoun County AmeriCorps Initiative team members assisted ACEF, local schools, and three Boys and Girls Clubs in mentoring and tutoring from October 2013-September 2015.

The Leadership Honors Academy is a program we hope to eventually resurrect that focused on at-risk youth in the 9th grade.  It aimed to reduce 9th grade drop-out rates and increase leadership, community pride, and academic engagement.