2019 STEAM Youth Summit

The 2019 STEAM Youth Summit was Friday, July 19, 2019, at the Anniston Middle School. There were 250 Boys & Girls Club members that attended the 2019 STEAM Summit. The children thoroughly enjoyed McWane Science Center and Choccolocco Creek Watershed presentation.

The kids made a homemade pan flute using straws. After making their own pan flutes and exploring the sound of science, the children had an opportunity to write their own songs and record the notes for their song on a record sheet. Rubber band car was another project. A stretched rubber band is a great source of elastic potential energy. When released, that energy is converted to kinetic energy. The energy generated from the rubber band snapping back into shape is enough to power the small car. The kids enjoyed these projects along with two other projects.

We had two new staff members, Wanda Elston, and Tina Northard , along with Mischela Cole they were all extremely helpful in the preparation and the success of the STEAM Youth Summit this year.  The kids appeared to enjoy themselves and 
We had FUN.. FUN.. FUN...

Thank you 
Anniston Middle School
Mrs. K. Garrick and Staff
Ms. L. Sistrunk and the East Central Boys and Girls Club Staff
First Missionary Baptist Church 
BB&T Bank
Anniston CAG
Calhoun Conservation District
Anniston Police Department
Anniston Fire Department 
Kinder Morgan Foundation 
Calhoun County Commissioners Office 
Anniston City Schools & Central Office 

  • Student Registration Form (PDF)

  • Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)